April Project

After spending a fair chunk of March sick – first with allergies from hell and then with straight-up viral bronchitis – the Octopus returns! I’ll be bringing fiction to everyone soon. I also hope to have a backer-only piece of fiction available by the end of the month. Y’all can buy me a Ko-Fi or subscribe to my Patreon if you’d like to support that.

Additionally, this month I’m going to be starting up two small projects that I hope will catch some interest. The first isn’t that much – I’m going to be starting up some Twitter bots, some of them with the intent to help other creatives in a bind, and some just to amuse people. Things like randomly generated place names, MacGuffin descriptions, and so on, as well as silly things based on my hobbies.

The second Twitter project is the more involved one; I’ll be using it to tell somewhat interactive stories, with periodic polls to let people choose what course the story takes. Each story will operate with a particular hashtag to let people track it, while I run somewhere between 1 and 3 stories concurrently. I’ll bring this one up more slowly, with only a single story going on for the month of April, most likely. If you want to see how it goes, you can find it here.

The first story in the queue is going to be the story of an enby in a world of metahumans who has just developed their own powers; without an official identity, a clear idea of their own powers, or even a mentor figure, they’re going to have to learn to navigate their new world and hopefully not fall prey to the various groups that would really like an anonymous new metahuman to utilize.

Think this sounds interesting? Follow along at the link above, and maybe consider tipping me a Ko-Fi or subscribing to my Patreon if you find yourself enjoying it!

As for this month’s regular fiction, all y’all can look forward to a fantasy short this time around, set in a world where the blood of dead gods is used to tattoo glyphs of power on people. Of course, even the people who do the tattooing don’t really understand the glyphs, and what with all the gods being dead there’s no one who can explain them. The potential for disaster abounds.

April Project

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