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So 2018 is here, the day job has stopped being a holiday whirlwind of frustration, lost sleep, and anxiety, and it is time to lay out my intent for the year ahead for all y’all.

Given that my plan to use Patreon as a way to exclusively deliver things has had to be reconsidered in the wake of their absolute catastrophe of a plan to screw over patrons and creators alike, I won’t be pursuing the “post here, post there, patron fiction” plan that I’d been intending. Instead, I’ll be using this space to lay out weekly posts on aspects of crafting stories and fiction, across the spectrum of what I do create. I’ll also be working to deliver monthly original fiction to the world as a whole – possibly here, possibly collecting it on a secondary blog.

I am also considering an ongoing in-setting fiction blog, something on the creepy side. Those of you familiar with things such as the SCP Foundation and The Sick Land will understand the kind of fiction I’m referencing. (Content warning: those are both horror sites with a side of apocalypse. Please exercise caution in visiting either if you have a vivid imagination or are squeamish.) This prospective project would largely rely on people being willing to fund the effort a bit, and it would certainly have an eventual end point.

I’m planning to put together enough short fiction to try submitting it to publications – naturally, that isn’t part of the directly funded material, since the outlets tend to be a bit strict about prior publications of what they get offered. Given that this is on top of the weekly effort here, the monthly fiction, my day job, social obligations including the game nights I participate in, and the prospective “personal log” story, I’ll be happy to manage any of this in the coming year – but I want to try to get at least one out there.

And then, of course, there’s the host of novels that have been cluttering my brain semi-indefinitely for years, all of them clamoring to be worked on. A new one occasionally joins them, and sometimes an old one fades away, but for the most part the pile only grows.  I fully intend to get something done on this in the coming year.

On the other side of this, in absolute honesty, I have to acknowledge that I have difficulties. My day job is draining, my mental health isn’t anywhere near as solid as I’d like, my physical health involves chronic pain issues, and I may not always be fully capable of following through on time. I’ll always do my best to do so with everything, and I’ll try to catch up, but I’m not going to sacrifice my sanity or my health to try to have a perfect record. That way lies the hell of late capitalism that drives people to burnout and collapse.

So – I do hope you’ll all stick around for the ride, and consider chipping in to help bring about the blog of the trials of some poor soul in a world similar to our own but indisputably weirder, as well as the articles and stories I want to share with all of you! (And I could really do with doing well enough to look into a replacement for this poor laptop – the space bar is starting to go out, among other small troubles.)

See you soon!


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