Again, my posting schedule has been badly interrupted thanks to work wrecking my work schedule, which led to a fair bit of physical inability and discomfort. Apologies there to anyone waiting on the next installment of my system development. If nothing else I’ve been managing to eke out some development for the October material for my Patrons.

This month will bring four locations for space opera games, primarily aimed toward the Starfinder system but hopefully useful in most games. For a preview, it contains the Asmodean Array, a system-sized infernal construct built from damned souls and doomed planets; Whispering Cradle, a place where the boundary between the Material and Negative planes has worn thin on a cosmic scale; The Eye of Heaven, a star which is rather misleadingly named and far more dangerous than its beauty would suggest; and Shadowveil Nebula, a stellar nursery where some deeply strange stars are being born.

A theme running through each of them is the influence of extraplanar forces, whether overt or subtle; this is in large part because Starfinder itself gives very little cosmological information, essentially a two-page crib sheet, and I appreciate extraplanar hijinks far too much to wait for them to get around to including more material.

If these sound interesting, please do consider backing me on Patreon!

Next post will resume setting-building, I promise!


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