Today’s the first post of October, and I’m going to try to talk a bit about my goals for this month and what that means here. Additionally, for my Patrons who might be wondering about last month, someone fell off the chart for the month and didn’t process; since it dipped me below the threshold to do a monthly, I’ve held onto things until another month ticks over above the line.

October, for most of the society I’m part of, means cooler weather, leaves turning bright colors, and so on. We’ve already got capitalism pushing hard at selling fall fashions, fall drinks, fall foods, fall everything, with a double side of Christmas on top of it. For the Renegade Octopus, other than my spouse getting pumpkin spice lattes for a while, not much of that has any impact.

What October does bring to this blog is the fact that next month is both NaNoWriMo and NaGaDeMon – things of significant value to a person who gets paid a little to randomly blog about xer game experience and advice. This, in turn, means that October is usually prep month for these two things. Last year was kind of disrupted, in large part thanks to the election and the sheer shock of horror my spouse and I experienced. It also didn’t help that much of my prep was inherently wasted, because the initial plan I had just didn’t work. It turns out that attempting to write about an endless cavern-system world when you’re claustrophobic is a no-go.

This year, I’ll be at least partially documenting my prep work on here, and in posts for backers. If I had more backers who were sufficiently interested, I’d put the topic up to vote, but until that mythical day I’ll be continuing to do executive decisions. As I never run dry on a desire for space opera and sci-fi, the theme for what I’ll be doing will fall in that vein.

Additionally, November, when it comes, will be a month that I’m taking most of off – not for any design crunch purposes, but for the fact that I like to celebrate with my spouse the anniversary of our ceremonial wedding and one of our birthdays. A portion of that time will be given over to work on all of this, even though I’ll technically be breaking their rules with the work this month. Given that there are no entry fees, no cash prizes, and no contracts being awarded, the rules can hang; NaNoWriMo in particular, which tends to assume a healthy and well-rested able-bodied and psychologically healthy person who has sufficient time to carve out an hour or two a day with their 50k in 30 days.

Lesson Number One of creative work is that if you push too hard, you’ll break yourself, and the industry and hobby let it happen just because it gets the books out faster. Deadlines tend to get built to make you punish yourself to achieve them. Don’t kill yourself, friends. No one will visit your grave to thank you for it.

Tune in next post when I’ll lay out what I intend to do, starting with the definite and then explaining the “If I have the time and energy” and the “In a theoretical world where I could earn a living wage or live on a universal income while doing this” parts.

For now, though, keep rolling those dice, folks.


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