Octopode Update

All right, so, I’m back and more or less functional again. Today will mostly be an update post on where I’ve been for the last two weeks. Warning: contains wild animals and medical stuff.

So on Friday two weeks ago, my spouse and I were taking a feral cat that we’d caught to the vet to be fixed, after which we planned to turn the poor thing loose again; we live in a rural area and there’s enough for a feral to hunt and stay alive. Instead, one of the vet employees misunderstood, thinking we had a stray cat instead of a feral one, and it got out.

I got bitten on my right index finger in the process of trying to help capture it. The cat was captured, I bled the injury out, used alcohol and peroxide to disinfect it, and it was wrapped up afterward. The cat, unfortunately, was remanded to Animal Control after that; as far as we know it didn’t have rabies, not that they’ve ever gotten back to us about any of our inquiries.

Instead, what it did have is a delightful disease called cellulitis; it can cause inflammation, swelling, various flu-like symptoms, and potentially become life-threatening and result in hospitalization. When the flu-like symptoms began to manifest the morning after, I went to the urgent care and was give a ten-day regimen of antibiotics – amoxicillin, to be exact.

Antibiotics are great stuff! Unfortunately, in addition to killing what you want them to kill, they also kill your gut bacteria. Which means that I have spent two weeks feeling like hell because my gut suddenly got really bad at digesting food and sleep got tricky to come by, even more so than usual. So that’s why I’ve been missing for the last two weeks – antibiotics made me too miserable to work, even as they also kept me from potential hospitalization and made a really nasty injury something that’s now just a couple slightly rough divots in the meat of my finger.

In other news, this last Friday marked the first session of the three-person Wrath of the Righteous campaign I get to participate in as a player; the PCs are a demonborn tiefling paladin of Sarenrae, an asuraspawn tiefling inquisitor of the same, and a plumekith aasimar rogue who venerates Desna. It went reasonably well, with no one knocking the really obnoxious NPC out or getting killed.

Next Friday will mark the first session of my heavily modded time travel and Final Fantasy/Chrono Trigger/Legend of Zelda derived 5th edition campaign; it promises to be solidly interesting, with an elf fighter, cervitaur (deer-centaur) ranger, and either a rogue or monk who will all get the benefits of being full spellcasters when they learn the spells.

Additionally, I’ll be running a monthly Starfinder campaign, in the flesh! Details remain to really be worked out, but it looks like the campaign will be a low-to-mid on the horror scale and fairly high on the heroism scale, set in the base Starfinder campaign setting. I am toying with campaign seeds right now. I’ll like pluck things from Aethera, because Aethera is glorious for space opera.

The upshot is that I’m more or less back, until the next thing that knocks me down, and my game schedule is surprisingly active suddenly. So it goes.

Octopode Update

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