Celestial Codex #3

System ID: Symmetry Weave

Stellar Type: Binary M-class red dwarf stars

Planets: 2

Orbital Debris: Oort Cloud

Symmetry Weave is the name of a minor binary star system with a pair of lightly inhabited worlds; the planets are also a binary pair, creating an interesting helix-dance between the four bodies. Neither has any atmosphere to speak of, whatever they once had having long since boiled away due to flares from the two stars. Instead, the inhabitants – mostly those interested in exploiting the relatively low gravity environment for exotic plants and deep-mining operations after rare ores – live in self-repairing dome cities.

What makes the system unusual is the presence of a pair of Solarian enclaves, each one devoted to exploring the mysteries of one side of their calling. They were the first to arrive here, and so their names for the planets are what gets used in common parlance; the slightly larger world, with a gravity of 0.6G, is called Graviton, and the smaller at 0.5G is called Photon. Each enclave is based on the planet named after their focus, at the point that the two planets are closest together, and a space station at the barycenter named Harmony.

Solarians who study at these enclaves are expected to spend an equal amount of time at each enclave, using relatively short-range teleportation gates to travel between the enclaves and the station. Others are welcome to visit the enclaves, but Harmony is strictly off-limits to those who aren’t solarians; rumors abound as to what the Solarians are up to on the station. (The idea that they might just want a place that doesn’t get nosy individuals bothering them about their powers rarely crosses the minds of such rumor-mongers.)

Lately, the system has come to wider galactic attention due to the veins of so-called skymetals that can be found in the deep crust of both planets; orichalcum and adamantine both can be found in modest quantities, enough to make any single person finding a vein rich beyond belief. This has prompted several corporate interests to try to move in, only to have their landing parties met by squads of solarians who very firmly refused to permit them access to the planet. Individuals are fine; corporate exploitation is banned, as long as the solarian enclaves have any say. This has naturally caused several corporations to begin planning to remove the solarians by whatever means necessary, up to and including orbital bombardment. Whether or not they can succeed may depend on what secrets the enclaves have hidden inside Harmony.

Celestial Codex #3

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