The backer’s specific piece for July, a systemless piece on the Wayfarer’s Rest, is available for my Patreon backers! It’s the core set piece for the Stormlands setting, an inn that can host adventurers more or less indefinitely. This month will be bringing my backers a piece on the Fellwood, an aberration-haunted forest to the east of the Wayfarer’s Rest. Do you want wolves with half a dozen red eyes? The Fellwood has you covered!

Thanks to each of my backers, who enable me to continue this blog and other related projects. If you like what I do here, please consider going to my Patreon page and chipping in even a buck a month – I promise that pretty much everyone on Patreon would rather have a hundred one-dollar backers than a single thousand-dollar backer. Additionally, if y’all push me up I can start providing more content, because every buck in helps lift the stress and anxiety that comes from doing something like this in our current economy.

In other news, later this month should see the start of the Wrath of the Righteous game and possibly the beginnings of another campaign that rebuilds 5th edition around the concepts and conceits of a few popular SNES games, tentatively titled Legend of the Mirrors.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more of the usual content, barring any disasters.


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