Why You Should Care

Today, I’m going to be sidetracking slightly from talking about games to talking about the people who make the games, and why you, dear reader, should be paying attention to what’s going on in the government because it impacts you and those creators.

See, a lot of the people who make the games you enjoy aren’t going to fall tidily into the small demographic of well-off cisgender heterosexual white Americans that are going to benefit from the behavior of the government. Pretty much everyone in the industry benefited from the Affordable Care Act, even after the GOP acted to gut it and drive up premiums to make it look like it was doing badly. This isn’t a hobby that generates massive profits, and making sure the people who make things have insurance tends to be pricey – a lot of small gaming companies couldn’t afford to offer insurance before the ACA, and a lot won’t be able to under any plan the GOP sets up in the aftermath of repeal. A large chunk of the people making the games you enjoy will be forced to cut back or drop out entirely, looking for jobs that can offer them coverage at all.

More than that, a lot of people in the industry are minorities and aren’t given the even footing they deserve. The legislation being pushed both in Washington DC and in state legislatures aims to shove minorities into boxes and closests, regardless of what kind of minority they may be. Think it’s hard to wait for your favorite games now? Wait until the people that make them are pushed back to being second-class citizens and don’t get any of the benefits that get taken for granted. LGBT folk, people of color, and other minorities are in danger right now.

Don’t sit idly, people. Call your Senators and Representatives. Call your state legislature. Call your governors and mayors. Make them hear that you’re part of an angry part of America that isn’t willing to stand by while the disenfranchised are shoved back out of sight. Fight for them, because they need your voices raised alongside theirs and they need your support. They need to know people give a damn. And so do the people with the power to make laws – make them hear that you care, that you give a damn, and that you’re not willing to take “LOL who cares” as their answer.

It matters, here and now, so please stand up for what’s right. Call your government. Donate what you can, where you can, to fight bigotry. Show that we’re better than this, that we’re not going to kneel down and accept this trash.

It matters if you fight, so please, fight.

Why You Should Care

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