Aethera Campaign Setting: Seraos Locations

Today I’ll be continuing my review sweep through Aethera, picking up where I left off yesterday with the gas giant world of Seraos. A beautiful location, given how it even includes planar-style gravity.

As a side note for those interested, my Patreon patrons will begin receiving monthly fleshed-out pieces of material starting this month! July’s offering will be the Wayfarer’s Rest, an inn detailed to be a base location for a campaign. While it will include a few details from the proto-setting I described a few posts back, these can be easily removed or modified and it should be able to be dropped into most fantasy settings!

Something that I have loved about the planes for some time is that not all of them match familiar terrestrial gravity. The plane of air, in particular, has been notorious for subjective directional gravity that allows for a kind of pseudo-flight; whatever way you believe is down is down, for you. On the top layer of Seraos, this is mirrored – the layer has subjective directional low gravity, allowing aethership crews to use the walls and roof of their craft as the floor.

Landrist mostly loses this trait, reaching ‘normal’ levels of gravity in the churning miasma and debris – but suspended within this mass are pockets of clean air and zero gravity, typically centered on free-floating planetoids and odd structures. Vorsaag is much worse, with intense levels of gravity that deal a massive amount of blunt trauma each round, and which imposes a -10 on pretty much every physical action. I’d presume that the theoretical innermost layer of the planet would mirror the fully subjective directional gravity of the plane of air, but that’s understandably not covered.

Sites of interest around Seraos include the settlement of Fractured Gate, which is a thriving mercantile hub, independent of control by other worlds and in the closest proximity to a Gate Hub possible. With no immigration control and treaties with the largest pirate factions, the settlement is fairly safe despite not being under the protection of one of the Century War’s powers.

Lorynth Spire is a handy site for a megadungeon, a spire six miles wide and potentially thousands of miles tall that can only be reached once roughly every nine months. Only one group has been inside, at least officially, and they spent several days mapping what seemed to be maintenance tunnels before running afoul of a group of constructs. Given that this may be an intact and functional Progenitor structure from Amrita, it’s of interest to anyone who wants to know what happened in the time before the Collapse.

The Lost Fleet are the ghost ships of Seraos, originally consisting of a dreadnought, eight frigates, and four battlecruisers, which have since added other lost vessels to their number. Sometimes they show up on farseeker scans, and can be found and plundered for valuables from the height of the Century War – seemingly abandoned, with no explanation for the missing crew. Sometimes the echoes are a ghostly mirage leading explorers to their demise and a new return on the phantom farseeker signals.

Seraos has 12 moons, eight of them little more than microgravity locales of little interest, and the other four ranging from listening outposts to the site of crashed warships to the site of a possible deep discovery about the Progenitors.

In the rings, if you want a cult for your Seraos-region adventures, the Sanctuary of the Everlasting Tempest can provide. The leader of the place is raising an army that he plans to use to delve to the heart of Seraos, in the belief that it will enable him to claim the power of a Progenitor for himself – the idea that the Progenitors might just have been people with an advanced society seems to have escaped him, somewhat unsurprisingly.

There’s an orbiting sphere on a trajectory that takes it over the top of the Lorynth Spire every 330 years; the odds of it being a Sealed Evil in a Can are pretty high, since it’s impenetrable, teleporting inside leads to never returning, and divination to try to read the history of it is fatal. Access is probably via something inside the Spire megadungeon, and you’d probably best be pretty high-level and well-geared, possibly even Mythic, to try it.

The Stormflow is a wandering jetstream of breathable air drawn up from the heart of Seraos, with winds powerful enough to churn up lost debris from Amrita’s death and leave it tumbling in the relatively gentle winds inside the phenomenon. The depths of the flow are toxic miasma from Landrist, and the outer walls are lethally powerful shear winds, so descending into the gulf from above and hoping the slow shift doesn’t catch you off guard is the only reliable way to explore the strange things within.

That’s it for today! Next time we’ll look at the fleshed-out location for Seraos, Atheer-Ohn!

Aethera Campaign Setting: Seraos Locations

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