Token of Solace

Today, I have for y’all a relatively minor magic item that really should turn up a lot more often in games where “natural” forms of undeath – things like ghoul fever and the like – can occur. The token of solace is typically produced in large numbers by the priesthoods of deities associated who are either associated with death or who fight the undead as a part of their primary purpose.

Aura minor necromancy; CL 1st

Slot None; Price 300 gp; Weight 0.2 lbs


This is a small disc, typically comprised of a silver disc stamped with the symbol of a god of death, or of a god who combats the undead, sealed in a layer of baked clay. Using it is simply a matter of breaking the clay shell and placing the silver disc into contact with the flesh of a corpse; this activates the primary effect of the disc, placing the corpse under the effects of a gentle repose spell and preventing it from rising as an undead creature for a week’s time, or until the disc is removed.

The less-known secondary effect of the disc is to place anyone holding an activated disc under the effect of gentle repose, giving them a semblance of a well-preserved body – something that occasionally results in their use by those in high society who want the pale complexion and odorless state provided by the spell. An unfortunate side effect is that while under the effect, the bearer will detect as an undead creature.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, item must be prepared in a consecrated locationCost 150 gp

These tokens are, without a doubt, of use to anyone who expects to be fighting the undead, and more permanent versions are often used in mortuaries and catacombs to ensure that there are no plagues of the living dead. The secondary effect can be useful in creating tense misunderstandings between players and nobles, or to draw PCs into a conflict between nobles who use them and those who hunt the undead. It also helps provide an explanation for why, in a world with necromancy and things like ghoul fever, every single corpse isn’t sent to be cremated immediately.

Hope y’all enjoyed this offering!

Token of Solace

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