Aethera Campaign Setting: Kir-Sharaat, Continued

Today I’ll be continuing with the review of Kir-Sharaat from the Aethera Campaign Setting. Today we’re headed into the Locations of Interest part, and we’ll start off with a trivia detail: all cities/provinces on Kir-Sharaat save for the capitol use Kir- as a name prefix, and are named after the Heartwood tree they’re built around. The capitol, instead, has San- as a prefix: San-Kaishan.

Interestingly the first site of interest has nothing to do with the global forest and instead is up near the north pole of the planet; Baladees Tuya is a geothermally active region, too far north for the forest to engulf. It’s a patchwork of ice floes and hot springs surrounded by lush vegetation, and without a Heartwood tree it’s largely uninhabited by the erahthi – something that makes it preferable to the zahajin who don’t have to worry about competing with them.

There’s an unusual monument at Coethrana Ravine, apparently jointly raised by the erahthi and zahajin, which marks the site of the first attack by the Hierarchy that touched off the Century War. It’s carved from volcanic rock from the Darkwild, and bears the word Memory in both the native tongue of the erahthi and in the common tongue of humanity, Hymnas.

Those looking for supplies in the capitol can head to the Fire Market; once a sacred site dedicated to the changing of the Tritarchs, the neglect of the current one has seen it mutate into a marketplace with off-world merchants on six-month permits. The odds are that if you need to find something that the erahthi don’t find outright illegal, you can likely find it here.

Kalshir, the smallest moon of the world, might be of interest to those hired by the Memory of Song – once home to a pair of biological weapon research facilities, it now only houses one with a reduced staff and the scuttled ruins of the other; an experiment to grant sentience (more likely sapience) went wrong – or perhaps terribly right.

Don’t go to Kir-Hadutal if you have arachnophobia. The city farms giant spiders for their silk, which gets used in textiles and armor alike. The erahthi here are well-set to become an economic power, given that humanity in the Aethera system is likely to be as fond of silk as any other branch of the species.

The Collapse left a clear mark on the moon Natorva, glassing the surface and leaving a deep cleft on the surface; the bottom of the ravine has a weak point between the Evermorn and the Material Plane, making transit easy. The erahthi have a research facility on one lip of the cleft, studying the planar anomaly; they’re safe from the Evermorn’s inhabitants largely thanks to the airless surface of the moon.

Of the other moons, the most interesting by far is Paraclene; home to the oldest erahthi colony off Kir-Sharaat’s surface and an attempt to transplant a Heartwood to a location off the wood-aligned world. As the project was started by the predecessor to Athrakarus, it’s had little attention and few resources since the premature awakening. In time, the erahthi will likely need to pay more attention to it, as the elemental cycles will keep turning, and eventually Kir-Sharaat will cease to be aligned to Wood. Being able to transplant the trees that give birth to them would be a great asset to their long-term survival.

Kir-Arkhal is a burned and scorched waste, unstable and unreclaimable by the current generation of erahthi. A Hierarchy vessel did a suicide run, using itself as a kinetic payload, after being disabled in orbit. While the erahthi are willing to let the forest reclaim it, the place isn’t uninhabited – a restless lich whose phylactery is the remnants of the province’s Heartwood gather the restless spirits and ruined bodies of those who died in the war in a plan to get revenge against the living of both human and erahthi origin.

Lastly, and most tragic, the Thylacese Memorial is an artificial moon of sorts, large enough to be visible from the surface, engraved with art of the lost moon and the names of all the erahthi known to be fallen in the Century War. The entire moon was stolen by the taur, bringing the Century War to a sudden close, and perhaps most alarmingly it was home to a nascent Heartwood tree – a sprig planted in the lunar soil to begin terraforming the moon. The taur now have the sprig in their possession, a source of erahthi lives to be exploited if they see fit to do so.

Next time I’ll dip into the Darkwild of the world, home of the zahajin and more dangerous, perhaps, than the Darklands of Golarion.

Aethera Campaign Setting: Kir-Sharaat, Continued

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