Gatecrasher’s Almanac #36

Name: PXC-1048 (Cesspit)

Location: Unknown

Gravity: 0.8G

Atmosphere: Tenuous atmosphere of exotic and toxic compounds

Body Type: Terrestrial

The aptly nicknamed world of Cesspit is part of an elderly planetary system, shrouded in a massive and radiant planetary nebula around the dying cinder of a star; the world was far enough out to avoid being torched in the conflagration of the star’s death, and by some fluke retains enough of a magnetosphere to screen out the worst of the ambient radiation coming from the naked core and being broadcast back from the nebula. It’s still not a nice world for any biomorphs, and even synths tend to limit their excursions outside the radiation shelters around the Cesspit Gate.

None of this is the reason for the planet’s name, however. Cesspit is so named due to the amount of literal waste spread across it. It seems that more than one interstellar Gate-hopping civilization has used this planet as a dumping ground for their more horrible forms of trash. All manner of radioactive waste, organic compounds of dubious chemical value, and vaguely recognizable bits of things that can’t be repurposed or safely broken down scatter the surface of the planet. Surprisingly, what passes for the oceans on the planet have weathered the loss of whatever atmosphere it once had, the death of the system’s star, and the ambient radiation; this is no doubt due to them essentially being a sludge of liquid waste thick enough to float a Reaper morph on top of.

What researchers are here are primarily xenoarchaeologists and xenobiologists looking to sift through the waste and work out how many civilizations used the planet as a dumping ground, how long ago each used it, and if there’s anything to be learned from their waste that might be of interest to transhumanity. Firewall is also present, as are what seem to be agents of other organizations with an interest in x-threats; everyone thus far has been operating under an unofficial flag of truce, well aware that they may need each other for backup if the worst case scenario occurs.

So far there’s been nothing of any real interest found; the wastelands of ancient trash contain hints of the civilizations that came before, but the death of the local star and the hellish radiation pouring down on the planet has made it difficult to mark the age of anything on the surface, and anything buried is so contaminated by the layers above and below as to be indistinguishable.

Ultimately, Cesspit has nothing to find but the sad remnants of long-dead civilizations, and the biggest risk is that a landslide might occur, trapping explorers in pockets of poison and decay until they can either free themselves or someone manages to find them – or until they become part of the eons-old waste themselves.

Gatecrasher’s Almanac #36

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