Topic Roundup

Today I’ll just be gathering up all the short bits of things I want to mention that don’t have enough material to really do a full blog post on.

Eclipse Phase is getting a second edition! The Kickstarter and open playtest of it will both be happening soon. By what I understand, they’re streamlining the rules and incorporating lessons they learned from the Transhuman sourcebook into the core character creation. It should be faster and easier to make a character and learn to play, making it easier for con games and for demo games. This is certainly a win.

Monte Cook Games has released their Expanded Worlds sourcebook, and they’re moving on into the next season of their Numenera Organized Play game. Expanded Worlds has been getting mixed reports, so I’ll likely be getting to it sometime soonish to let y’all know what my thoughts are. As ever, the biggest problem seems to be incorporating the cyphers themseles into genres where they don’t quite fit smoothly. (I have some ideas as to both the problem and the solution, but that’s a post in and of itself.)

For those of you who are fans of the New World of Darkness, particularly Changeling, y’all might want to go seek out the works of Seanan McGuire. While nothing she’s written is part of the New World of Darkness, much of her urban fantasy wouldn’t be hard to adapt to fit it – the InCryptid series could be handled with a mix of regular mortals and Hunter, the Indexing series could easily be done with Autumn Court Changeling works, and so on. It also helps that they’re incredibly fun to read and they completely dodge the usual testosterone-dripping antics of a bunch of other urban fantasy, and she’s incredible about representation and handling it respectfully.

Wrath of the Righteous is proceeding, which make me incredibly happy with my options. On the other hand, I’m going to get to experience exciting new optional rules, as the GM for the game is tapping a bunch of stuff, like background skills, bonus progression, wound levels, and more. My little tiefling warpriest has gotten a little more complicated as a result, and there’s definitely more stock being laid into healing capabilities than originally planned. Excited for the game, though! New territory where I’m not the one having to digest an entire rulebook in advance is always fun.

Careful consideration with my upcoming Rise of the Runelords game has led to the realization that  a particular section of Hook Mountain Massacre needs to be reworked. If you’re familiar with the AP, you know the one I mean; even compared against the nightmare that comes after, it’s got a deep level of visceral squick to it that there’s really no reason to use unless you’re outright going for a Deliverance theme. As such, when we eventually hit that point I’ll share my reworked section for GMs who might be interested in it.

For those of you who like OSR clone-games, Swords and Wizardry is doing a Light version with something between a fan club and an organized play, by the looks of it – the Swords & Wizardry Legion, which you can find on Facebook if you really want to go play around with old-school-style rules.

I fully intend to keep up my Aethera review, and I have a couple other products I’ve promised to review in the near future. Never fear, it’s coming; I just keep getting thrown off by the nightmare parade in the news. Most of y’all have probably felt the same, and I don’t blame anyone. It’s a mess out there, and I fully advocate using gaming as a way to blow off stress, frustration, and fear. You can expect some posts on that, as well.

That pretty much wraps it up for today; hopefully I’ll be back a bit sooner this time.

Topic Roundup

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