Desired Games

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about what I would dearly love to get the chance to play; this isn’t something that I often get to experience, as GMs seem to be a rather rarer breed than players. There are three games, specifically, that I’d like to get to play – and they’re all the same system, pretty much.

First, and at the top of my list, there’s the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing. I want to play in this because it’s the Adventure Path of being a Big Damn Hero, more than any other Paizo AP. Going from a crusader at the edge of the Worldwound, thought lost in a disaster, to the kind of mythic hero that can take on demon lords and stand a fair chance of victory? Yes, please. I’ll even go out of my comfort zone for this and play a Lawful Good paladin or warpriest.

Of course there’s a hitch. This is the kind of campaign that requires a skilled and experienced GM – the material can be a little problematic since we’re dealing with demons, so it requires maturity on the GM’s part to handle it, and it uses Mythic rules so the power curve can be kind of sharp. I can think of only a couple people I’d really trust to run it without help, and pretty much all of them were Paizo employees at the time the AP was released. Top pick is @lilithdarkmoon, who I know would be able to run it well without needing support.

Second on the list is a Pathfinder edition of Ptolus, which regular visitors will recognize as the setting of the solo game I play with my wife. I’d like to play a version of this that focuses on the intrigue and social threads of the setting – I mean c’mon, we have three claimants to the Lion-Guarded Throne, and Ptolus not only has one of them living there, it has the highest concentration of adventurers in the known world. I want to play a rogue or a bard who aims to get the backing of the city’s people to place a fourth claim on the Lion-Guarded Throne and become the ruler of the Empire, while also getting to explore the incredibly rich detail of the city with the rest of the group.

The problem here is that Ptolus was written originally for 3rd edition. Not 3.5, mind. It was the setting Monte Cook used for his playtests, and it entirely wraps itself in the conceits of the D&D system. It’d be work to update crucial bits, and the material itself isn’t cheap. Finding a group interested in all the political and social intrigues in a D20 game might be a bit tricky, too, since the game naturally lends itself to wanting to go delve into the Dungeon below the city.

Third is that I would really like to get a chance to play in the Aethera setting. I want to run some games in it, definitely, but I’d like to build a character akin to one I had in a different system and actually play it through to campaign completion. It’d be nice, y’know? The campaign the character is from ended up dying out when days off shifted and people couldn’t get there for it any longer, and I kind of miss it. An infused aerokineticist would go a long way toward capturing the feel of the character, and I could have a lot of fun on Akasaat, as my lost couple Aethera posts might suggest.

That, of course, would require finding a GM willing to run the Aethera setting, let me have said character, and run a story that would be more than the usual dungeon-diving and gung-ho murderhoboing. Tricky, although certainly not impossible.

Honorable Mentions and Runner-Ups – the things that aren’t on that list of three that I’d still want to do.

I’d like to get the chance to play Shadowrun someday; I’ve occasionally gotten the stray book for it, but I’ve never gotten the chance to roll piles of D6s. I’d also like to actually play a full campaign of Amber Diceless, but that’s so fringe it isn’t even funny. I’d likewise like to explore the New World of Darkness games, at least their first editions; while Vampire is out because it’s the problematic problem child of problematic problems, the rest seem pretty interesting. And, of course, I’d like to get a chance to play the various Adventure Paths that Paizo has put out.

On the GM side, I’m thinking of trying to run the various Pathfinder APs, starting with Rise of the Runelords and going from there; I’m also wanting to run a Changeling: the Lost game – something my wife would like to play a campaign of about as much as she’d like to play Wrath of the Righteous. I also have ideas for an Aethera campaign built around Akasaat’s wastelands and the Hierarchy’s desire for dominance over the entire planet. Stepping further out, I’d like to learn to run Shadowrun, and I’m looking forward to the release of Starfinder later this year. And, naturally, I’d like to put my collection of Eclipse Phase books – pretty much currently complete thanks to my wonderful wife – to use. All in all, if I had a reliable game night, I could fill my plate for years.

The trick is always getting a reliable game night, isn’t it?

Desired Games

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