Solo Play: Resumption

So back in November, the attempt at a solo play Ptolus game got rather derailed by the election of an incompetent grifter and a zealot who thinks you can electrocute gay people straight. We haven’t really tried resuming it due to the various stresses we’ve been dealing with, but we’ll now be picking it back up.

This is of course complicated by the fact that it has now been nearly half a year since we last touched it, and unlike the previous game disruption there’s just the two of us to try to resume it where it fell down. While I remember the rough bits about where we were in terms of general plot and overall story, the specifics that I was expecting to simply carry across from session to session are lost to memory.

Fortunately, I have two things working for me – one is that neither of us really remember the full details, and so we can work from the rough of what we jointly recall to pick up from there. Her character – a paladin with an archetype that renders it perfect for solo play, focusing it completely inward – just talked to people from the Academy and a friend of theirs who reminded the character of someone from her absent past. That led her to the news that the person she remembered is the friend’s sibling and a member of the Delvers’ Guild.

Delmi, as it stands, is about to take a trip into the Dungeon in search of said sibling, who went into the depths himself not that long ago. To that end, she’s going to need a companion or two if she doesn’t want to make multiple death-defying forays into the darkness to try to find her quarry. She could, of course, just wait for him – but there’s no promise of him returning anytime soon, or at all.

As such, we’ll be picking up at the Ghostly Minstrel, where she can look for such compatriots more readily than she would at the Guild itself.

Complicating things is the presence of her kitten, who tends to regard our table as her domain – justifiably, as my wife feeds her up there to keep the other two cats out of her food – and whose toys largely occupy the space under it. To that end I’ll be adapting tactics and techniques from when I played 2nd Edition, and worrying a great deal less about miniatures and combat maps. It isn’t as if she’s really going to have people to have flanking bonuses with for most of the game.

Perhaps we’ll be able to unravel the secrets of the Empress, the Elementalist, and the Mad Old Man this time. Stay tuned!

Solo Play: Resumption

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