Numenera Game Hook II

Continuing along with yesterday’s post, I’ll be providing a little detail and a few tidbits to go with the overall hook. Next post after this I’ll be resuming the review of Into The Deep.

One of the critical components of the original plot is the presence of the four darkened crystals, which have to be restored by the defeat of the elemental fiends that drained their power. Obviously this isn’t the case for the modified Numenera game; the crystals are solid-state backups of the software for the ancient systems, created by particularly far-seeing creatures who knew that entropy gets to everything over long enough timeframes.

These crystals, rather than being carried with the characters when they first arrive, are stashed in a vault in the city-state of Cornelia, with an understanding long since twisted into prophecy that Outsiders will arrive to restore the world to balance. This originally meant that the creators of the world would come back to fix things, but that civilization is long extinct, and the characters will fit the bill nicely – if they can prove themselves by taking care of a small problem in the form of a rogue knight who kidnapped the princess.

Dwarves and elves are essentially human, just somewhat evolutionarily divergent due to the time they’ve spent in the bubble, isolating themselves into their own clades. Even they don’t understand that they live in an isolated space anymore, and they’ve all forgotten the bubble’s creators. Elves, however, have a fairly solid understanding of biological numenera, and can grow some minor artifacts and organic cyphers; theyre in a bit of trouble presently, as the crown that controls their defense systems has gone missing, as has their king. Dwarves, on the other hand, live in a carefully sculpted burrow that’s half-abandoned as their numbers shrink over time, but they’re experts in combat devices of all kinds and can craft some impressive artifacts and cyphers if they can get the materials they need.

One of the more prominently visible maintenance structures is a massive fortress that hangs in the sky, well above what even the most skilled nano can reach alone; the locals call it the Sky Fortress and only know of it as a place where demons of the wind and shining stars dwell. It used to move around, but now hangs over the slowly growing desert in the north. The others are harder to find; everyone knows that the earth’s decay began in the west, in the marshes, but the location of the malfunctioning temperature control system and the oceanic control system are harder to discern.

Players will get to find cyphers that have a few unusual effects – some few modify the bubble’s properties for a short time in a limited area, allowing for unusual conditions to prevail; others act as brief rips in the fabric, yanking creatures from somewhere/somewhen else for a few moments before shunting them back to whatever spacetime they were drawn from. Dwarven-crafted cyphers lean toward detonations with exotic properties; radiation detonations that leave an area of lingering damage for a little while, gravity detonations that hurl things into the air or slam them down, even biological detonations that spread a cloud of poison in an area.

Artifacts are another matter; some of the items from the game will be directly translated, while others might not exist. Certainly, for exploring places of extreme heat and cold, the ice and fire armors will be presented in some form, providing resistance to the extreme conditions. The game’s airship certainly counts as an artifact-grade vessel, as might the material powering it. The backup crystals also qualify, once the systems are restored, providing a benefit to whoever happens to be carrying an active one (and more, if they go to more extreme measures!)

And that’s all for today; next time I’ll be back to continue my review of Into The Deep!

Numenera Game Hook II

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