Review: Into The Deep, Part VI

Today the Octopus picks up xer review of Into The Deep again! Written for the Numenera game system by the diversity-friendly Monte Cook Games, this sourcebook dips into the oceans of the Ninth World!

Naiadapts are a new racial descriptor, the result of a human being infused with the dyremmi of the naiadans. As such, they’re both more powerful than the average PC, but also loaded down with additional drawbacks. Advantages mostly stem from the ability to swap between four different dyremmi abilities (and possibly trade with other naiadapts or naiadans for new abilities entirely), with options such as a +2 to Intellect, Deep Adaptation to survive the cold and pressure of the deeps, an armored hide, or even the ability to spit acid bombs at enemies. Disadvantages come from things such as the active abilities counting against a character’s cypher limit, the potential to lose an ability entirely for a time if they drop down the damage track, and (for some reason, at odds with the description of the naiadans themselves) an inability at keeping their cool under stress. All in all, it’s a neat descriptor, and the swappable abilities make it quite interesting for a group with a GM willing to roll with it.

And now on to Minifera itself; the Seechar observation pod is essentially an impressive eyestalk that those from Minifera can sit inside to stretch immense distances and observe the world beyond the deep sea city; it extends far enough to reach the surface, and is operated by someone who seems like the person to go to if you want to deal in secrets. It also might serve as a handy way to introduce players to Mnifera, with them following the extended stalk into the depths; it also serves as a spotter for a massive vessel in the city that serves as a rather impressive guardian.

The most important thing to know about the Myessach Assembly Dome is that it can, at times, allow for pretty much the entire population of Minifera – naiadan or naidapt makes no difference – to fuse into a gestalt entity capable of communicating telepathically with every naiadan and naiadapt on the planet. It also has a secret passage to a city of dissident naiadans, something the keeper of the place tries to keep secret.

The Temple of the Trait Breeders is where you go if you want some exotic, unusual, or as yet nonexistent ability for your naiadapt; if you can convince the person in charge of the value of your breeding research, you might even get a dome on the Temple itself that puts the formidable resources of the place at your disposal.

Naiadapt Alley is where you go if you’re looking for the dissident naidapts of the city; they stealthily research the wonders of the past ages that don’t involve naidan biotechnology, lead by a naiadapt known only as the Mayor. Her labs contain some rather alarming things, as she experiments with mixing cast-off body parts, naiadan dyremmi, and technology from the prior worlds.

The trench extends much deeper, past mid-level mining efforts that have gravity storm shelters and naiadans adapted to burrow through rock quickly to the implosion zone, at the top of which hangs an observation bubble where they keep watch over the gravity storms that rise from the depths. The implosion zone itself descends much deeper, source of the power the drives Minifera, an area where anything that enters is is pulverized into a fine silt by gravitic distortion from a dangerous relic of the deep past buried in the crust of the world.

Next time, we’ll touch on the Haunted Trenches in the depths!

Review: Into The Deep, Part VI

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