Apology and Resistance

Sorry, folks, today I do no have the brainpower and energy necessary to even do a review. The ongoing trainwreck that is the new regime in my home country is sapping my energy horribly, and today’s struck particularly close to home since I’m married to an immigrant with a green card. She wouldn’t be in the list of banned people, but the sheer blind callousness of the government’s actions is incredibly painful.

This is unjust, unlawful, and against everything this nation has ever tried to stand for. It is simple bigotry, and not enough people with the authority and power to fight it are trying to do so, leaving it to us to resist.

Please bear in mind, if you think I’m dragging politics into someplace where it shouldn’t be, that the odds are that some of your favorite entertainment – be it games, movies, books, music, or something else – has been produced in part or in full by immigrants. Fight with the rest of us, or lose any future hope of things like that.

Edited to add a comment from my wife, quoting Adam Savage: “Any argument that people who don’t make a career of politics should keep their nose out of them died when a reality tv star got elected.”

Apology and Resistance

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