Gatecrasher’s Almanac #23

Name: Void

Location: 1200 lightyears antispinward of Sol

Gravity: 1.03G

Atmosphere: Trace nitrogen

Body Type: Joker Terrestrial

The planet known as Void is one of the more alarming Joker worlds out there in the Pandora Gate network; orbiting dead-center in the habitable zone of the sedate yellow star that it orbits, it should be a perfectly habitable world. It was a perfectly habitable world, until something happened that stripped almost the entire atmosphere from the planet. Now, it’s a dead world, the water boiled off anywhere the sunlight can touch and only the faintest wisps of a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere left clinging.

The radiation of the local star and exposure to the unrelenting void has done terrible damage to the remnants of the local biosphere. Desiccated and radiation-scarred, the remnants of the life on the world is likely to collapse into powdery dust if disturbed unless it’s been sheltered somehow. Analysis of the remains and the planet itself suggests that whatever happened did so a few hundred thousand years ago; examination of the rare remains that have been sheltered from the conditions show that Void was likely a temperate world, well within the range of transhuman comfort.

The Gate itself sits on a plateau above a rocky desert, positioned in a way that would have given anyone using it an excellent view for miles of the surrounding landscape. As it stands, that view is of the powdery ruin the planet is becoming, making it one of the more depressing locations you can find in the network. Still, there’s something to be learned about the biosphere that was here, and a mystery to solve about the planet’s airless state, and so there are a few small research colonies built around the Gate itself, mostly argonauts with plenty of @-rep to get them the gate time they need.

One of the research colonies has been conducting experiments with what they’ve been able to salvage from the vacuum-desiccated life; the early results have been a little worrying, as the fragments of DNA-like material have cultured into something like an organic nanoswarm, although none of the cultures have done anything but replicate at a slow rate.

As it stands, Void is just another mystery to go alongside the Pandora Gates themselves, for now.

Gatecrasher’s Almanac #23

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