Inadvertent Hiatus

So today I’m going to apologize for being missing the last three weeks, and explain why I went silent and what’s been going on.

The first week – from October 31st to the 7th of November – is entirely my fault; I got caught up in doing things with my wife, including celebrating her birthday and preparing for the release of the most recent expansion for Rift. Incidentally, if you get the chance to see a Cirque show, take it.

The 8th was spent keeping my wife occupied with a trip to a local state park, after I voted, to keep her mind off the election. We went to bed early to keep ourselves from stressing out.

And on the 9th and since, there’s been a mix of shellshock, existential dread, and worry for so many people that I know who stand to be affected so very badly by the people who were elected and the people chosen to join them. So I haven’t been in any state to do anything for a few weeks now. I’m going to push past that and resume regular posting this coming week.

Particular apologies to my Patreon backers, who will still be getting a piece of short fiction this month.

Inadvertent Hiatus

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