Prep: Character Drafts

So today I’m going to mention my triad of protagonists, and give a brief sketch-out of each of them. I’ll fill in details that need it as far as the world goes, but this won’t be an overly lengthy post today.

None of them have names yet; even when I give them names those will be likely to change as I go on.

Character #1 is a former military officer, now retired and hiring her services out as a consultant to expeditions Below. She’s going along on the expedition that will occupy a fair part of this story partly because she’s getting offered a nice paycheck for personally overseeing the security, and partly because she thinks character #2 is cute. It’d be a shame to let someone that cute die on an expedition. She’s small of stature, but keeps up her exercise and training despite her retirement; lean and solidly muscled, she’s often let people underestimate her to get the upper hand. She regards character #3 as an amusing eccentric, due to his certainty that something from the Time Before can explain the world as it is today.

Character #2 is a thaumaturge, a student of the ways to manipulate the soft laws of reality in the chthonic world. She’s one of the relatively rare Duality thaumaturges, with an inclination toward Concordance and Discordance and little natural aptitude for Creation or Destruction. She’s aware of character #1’s interest in her, and finds it flattering; she’s trying to stay focused on her goal for the expedition, but the attention is distracting. She’s primarily interested in trying to find a source for the sun-cores, a way to change a person’s thaumaturgic aptitudes, or any other secrets of the laws of reality that might be lurking in the darkness Below. Her interest in an overlooked subject (common thaumaturgic lore says the sun-cores are simple eternal and existed from the moment of the chthonic world’s creation) is why she’s partnered with character #3; both of them have an interest in unconventional subjects, and their goals aren’t incompatible.

Character #3 is an archaeologist, which is a slightly dirty word in the Agarthan Nations; archaeologists want to preserve the remnants of the Time Before, rather than strip them down for their wealth of resources. He’s particularly convinced, based on a few recovered pictoglyph-engraved plates, that somewhere in the Below are the secrets of the Time Before and ways to make them work in the present world. Failing that, he’ll accept a more complete explanation of what happened during the Inversion and the early days of the chthonic world. He doesn’t have any awareness of the interest between #1 and #2, and wouldn’t care if he did; he’s focused entirely on his work. He regards #1 as effective at her job, and he’s grateful to #2 for helping to finance the expedition.

These three are the center of the story-to-be; you can see hints of the plot in their descriptions, as well as details about the world itself, such as #2 having some skill with the setting’s magic system. That’s it for today, though!

Prep: Character Drafts

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