October Gameplan

It’s the first day of a new month, and I have a couple things brewing; today, I’m going to talk about what I have in store for the coming month. I have another review coming up of a freshly-released product, I have the prepwork for next month that I’ll be loosely detailing here as I work through it, and more besides.

First off, though, there’s the Patreon to help support my work on this blog and as both a neophyte game designer and a writer. Please consider chipping in a buck or two a month toward helping me be able to pay my bills with a little less stress, if you enjoy what I do. Starting this month, patrons will be getting access to backer-only fiction.

On my plate for prep work, I’ll be talking about my solo play campaign this month as well as the preparations for the Agarthan Nations setting and story. Developing NPCs and solo-character plots, discussion on classes for solo play, and talking about how the systems of Pathfinder have been interacting with both solo play and the setting of Ptolus are all on the plate. For the Agarthan Nations, I’ll be more fully fleshing out the world and giving insight into how I go from a vague idea to being reasonably ready to write in the setting.

Review-wise, I have the previously mentioned product that I’ve been asked to talk about; I’ll reveal that once I have access to the review copy. I also plan to go through the Curse of the Crimson Throne re-release that Paizo is ready to get out to people. If they polished it up the way they did Rise of the Runelords, I’m looking forward to this one quite a bit. It’s a pretty sweet mostly-urban campaign that suffered a few flaws in the original incarnation.

I’ll be aiming to post 1-2 times a week about the writing prep work and 2-3 times a week on game-related materials. I’ll be trying to average out at 4 posts per week, the environment I’m working in being the key factor. As I’m still trying to work my sleep schedule back toward something normal for me, things may lag a bit for the first week or so. Hopefully I’ll be back on course sooner rather than later, and the next two months won’t involve me having to dig out my wrist braces again.

I am looking forward to an October and November that don’t involve the horrific medical stress from last year, when my wife was just finished recovering from her medical ordeal that nearly killed her. Also looking forward to November finally getting the current circus on fire out of the media I pay attention to, and having a few weeks of time off from my day job starting next month.

Check back tomorrow for the first post on the novel-writing path!

October Gameplan

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