GenCon Takeaways

I didn’t get to attend GenCon this year – or any year other than the one after I won the only Neoncon Iron GM competition – but like most of us I’ve heard plenty about what was done over there and what was announced. I’ll poke at a few highlights today, since the thing I really want to talk about is something I don’t know much about yet.

Paizo released more details about Starfinder, including more artwork and a better logo than their initial post-up. Apparently a span of a few centuries is simply gone from the history of the multiverse, some of the old gods have fallen out of favor, and the base setting will be built off the Distant Worlds supplement. There are new gods, magic is partially supplanted by technology, and there’s one class whose entire ability set revolves around balancing the use of their two types of powers. Ship combat will be significant, and the idea is for each player to have something to do during ship-to-ship fights. It looks to be a 100% science fantasy starfaring romp via a D20 system.

Posthuman Studios had an item that I wanted badly – an Octobag of Holding. $10 or free if you bought $101+ of material from their booth. Alas that I wasn’t there to get an Octobag, it’d go well with an octopus. They also had the new book, X-Risks, up for sale and it looked as slick as the other Posthuman products. No surprise there, they get quality goods made for us fans.

And then, of course, there’s what Monte Cook Games did. In addition to having their big new Numenera sourcebook to pitch at people and playtest games of both the Predation and Unmasked settings, they announced something new and unexpected. Invisible Sun is a RPG they’re going to be Kickstarting on the 15th. At this point, what I can tell you is that they’re going full-on Augmented Reality game for the promotion, having set up this website some time prior to the announcement. The coordinates are real places, and there are caches of items at each point that apparently have links to other related things. There’s a G+ community intent on digging out the mystery that MCG has put out.

I’ll be honest, I’m half-mad at MCG for this. I’ve gone geocaching, I play some ARGs, and this whole thing would be delicious to sink my teeth into – but there’s nothing related to it within a reasonable distance of where I live. The other half is impressed; they’ve spread their ARG across a wide area. I’ll certainly be paying attention when their Kickstarter for it goes live. In the meantime, if you live near one of the GPS coordinates, do feel free to go check it out and share what you find with the G+ community.

There was plenty more at Gencon, of course, but those were the highlights that filled my timeline and news feeds over the weekend. Next post I’ll be going back to the Ptolus solo play game, talking about setting things up for such a campaign’s first session and what all I intend to incorporate into the game from Paizo’s products.

GenCon Takeaways

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