Patreon and Such

So this is where I remind people that I have a Patreon that helps me keep writing this blog and encourages work on a few projects that I have going when I am able to. Enjoy what I do here? Please consider chipping in a buck or two a month to help me afford to keep it up. Today, I’m going to do a brief review of what I’ve got going, and what I’m planning.

The Renegade Octopus Blog, here, is the primary thing my Patreon helps fund at the moment. Three to five days a week, with a preference toward five, I write on topics in an attempt to help fellow tabletop players out. Much of my advice is from the GM side of the screen, as I’ve spent the majority of my time playing as a GM. I also occasionally pop in tidbits from my Patreon side projects, as slowly as they move, and I’m willing to entertain requests from readers for specific topics.

Renegade Octopus is the mainstay of what I’ve been doing, and I appreciate it when people share the articles out and attract more people, and moreso when new people decide to follow the blog. You can find it on Facebook here and on Twitter here. Do drop by and hang out, it helps remind me that I’m not simply shouting into an empty void. Bring friends if you can. There’s digital popcorn.

One side project for the Patreon is the Heroic Horror system; a D100 system, the concept behind it is that the forces of evil have won by way of a horrific elder evil, which has killed the gods, turned them into mad servants, or driven them into hiding. Only a handful of villages remain, with the unprepared and ill-prepared townsfolk struggling to hold onto their hope and repel the forces against them as they wait for new Heroes to arise. The PCs are those townsfolk, and if they want to survive, they have to learn the hard way what the difference between a Hero and genuine hero really is.

Another side project is Necropolis, a megadungeon setting for the Pathfinder system. Partly inspired by Ptolus and partly by the Necropolis from the Sandman graphic novels, it’s a massive multi-level dungeon of ancient tombs and forgotten prison-crypts built by successive generations and civilizations for countless thousands of years, each new city built atop the entombed remains of the last. Would-be heroes come here to delve into the forgotten ruins of the past for lost treasures, and occasionally unleash nightmares from deep history into the modern world. Planned for play from first level clearly to level twenty and Mythic tier ten, it’s one of the most ambitious dungeon campaign designs I’ve ever worked on.

The last side project is for the Cypher System, a borderline pulp superhero setting currently titled Eidolon, about a world where superpowers come from a bond with an eidolon – a living creature from an adjacent reality, whose form mirror your needs and desires even as the powers they grant do. Grey shades of morality stain the world, even as some people assume the existence of a four-color ethic with the arrival of powers. Everyone has their reasons, and not everyone with powers wants to be a hero or a villain; some just want to get through their lives without any more hassle than they have to put up with.

And that’s the current state of the Octopus. I hope you’ll consider backing me and helping these projects become a reality!

Patreon and Such

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