Dragon Powers

Following up last week’s post on being a dragon in the Cypher System, I’ll be detailing some abilities that can be tacked on as a class flavor, permitting ‘young dragon’ characters to become more draconic and mighty over the course of a game. These all function as standard Cypher System abilities, and can be picked in place of such.

-Tier One-

Strong Wings: Your wings are stronger than most dragons of your age, permitting you to fly well enough for it to be a method of movement. You may fly up to a short distance each round; you don’t have the ability to hover, and environmental conditions such as wind may impact your ability to fly. Enabler.

Breath Weapon (1 Might): You gain the ability to expel a blast of the energy or substance that you gain a damage bonus on at one target within short range; if you hit, you deal 2 point of the appropriate damage, plus 1 for your descriptor ability. Action.

Shell Lore (1 Intellect): Dragon eggs are often told the history and legends of their breed while incubating, enabling them to speak fluently and understand what they need to know from the moment they hatch. You retained more of this than most, and can call on the words you learned while in the shell. You are trained in all knowledge skills. Enabler.

-Tier Two-

Agile Flight: You are more graceful than most while on the wing; if you have the ability to fly, you gain the ability to hover. If you do not, you can instead glide very effectively, traveling up to a short distance each round; you lose 5 feet of elevation from your initial launch point per round while gliding. Enironmental effects, such as wind and thermal updrafts, may impact your ability to fly or glide. Enabler.

Volley (4 Might): Everything out to a short range in one direction is engulfed in a spray of the energy or substance that comprises your breath weapon, taking 3 points of damage plus 1 for your descriptor ability. Action.

Talons (2 Speed): Your claws are fearsome weapons in their own right; this immediate-range attack deals 3 damage and modifies all actions taken by your target by 1 step to their detriment for one round. Action.

-Tier Three-

Flyby (4 Speed): While flying, you may move up to a long range and attack an opponent at any point along your course of travel; if you hit, you deal 6 points of damage and move out of their range of retaliation. Action.

Draconic Aura (2 Intellect): You imbue your scales with your innate energy, gaining +1 Armor and inflicting 1 point of the appropriate damage type to anyone who attacks you in melee. This effect lasts ten minutes. Action.

Survival: Your constitution is such that you can extract nutrition and energy from anything you choose to eat, as long as it isn’t actively poisonous to you. You can subsist on sand and rock, if you so desire, with no penalty. You still need to drink and breathe. Enabler.

-Tier Four-

Tooth and Claw: Attacks with your natural weaponry (teeth, claws, tail) count as light weapons that deal damage as a medium weapon. Enabler.

Awe-Inspiring: You are trained in all forms of intimidation and inspiration. Enabler.

Lord of the Skies: You are considered trained in flying, and you may fly up to a long distance each round. Enabler.

-Tier Five-

Rage (6 Might): You lash out with all your natural weapons, assaulting any enemy within immediate range in a storm of destructive fury for 3 damage; any foes damaged this way take an additional point of bleeding damage each round until the injuries are tended. Action.

Tempest (6 Speed): Make two attack rolls against a single target within long range and take the higher roll; you deal 6 damage to this target and all their actions for the next round are modified by two steps to the detriment as you swoop and dart around them, snapping and clawing so swiftly that it seems as if there are several of you. Action.

Blast (6 Intellect): Choose a point up to a long distance away; everything within a short range of that point takes 4 points of damage this round, and 2 more points next round, as you conjure a blast of the energy in your breath weapon at that point.

-Tier Six-

Ravager: Your natural weapons count as medium weapons, but deal damage as heavy weapons. Enabler.

Breath Mastery: Your breath weapon is a medium weapon that can be used out to long range, dealing the appropriate type of damage. Enabler.

Dragonscale: You gain an additional +2 Armor as your scales thicken and harden. Enabler.

Dragon Powers

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