Cypher System: Be A Dragon

Today, in tribute to one of my group members, I’ll be offering up Descriptors for the Cypher System to let people people young dragons, about the size of people and able to take part in the adventures available at the gaming table. I’ll be using the five classic chromatic breeds from D20 games for this: red, green, blue, black, and white.

Young Red Dragon – Red dragons are proud to the point of arrogance, confident to the point of brashness, and visibly superior to all other breeds of dragons in the world – at least in their opinion. Masters of the volcanic crags and calderas where the world’s inner fire emerges onto the surface, and rulers of many of the most inhospitable mountain ranges in the world, red dragons are certainly majestic creatures. Even young ones, little more than hatchlings, are nothing to trifle with; powerful muscles overlaid with heavy scales makes them a force to be reckoned with, even without the fiery breath they’ll have once they age. A natural affinity for fire serves those who chose to learn fire magic or wield fiery armaments well, letting them stoke the flames to their hottest right as they strike.

Mighty: +4 to your Might pool

Fearless: You are trained in resisting any effects that make you fearful or anxious, as well as any social actions that involve intimidating or dominating others.

Sturdy: +2 to your Armor due to your thick scales.

Fireproof: You are immune to fire and heat-related damage.

Fire-born: +1 damage to any attacks you use that incorporate fire.

Young Blue Dragon – Guile and manipulation are meat and drink to the blue dragon; born with soft scales and no breath weapon, they quickly learn the importance of sly tongues and quick wits in making sure they survive. Even a young blue has learned the importance of charming people and convincing them that the dragon is a valuable ally to have, making others dance like puppets to their desires. Adept at any intellectual task, it comes as no surprise that many hatchlings take to the ways of magic or move to involve themselves in the politics of lesser creatures. Backed by their ability to make even the tiniest spark of electricity flare into a thunderbolt, by the time a blue is old enough to be an adult they may well have built a comfortable kingdom in the lands of those they manipulate.

Brilliant: +4 to your Intellect pool

Machiavellian: You are trained in all social interactions.

Durable: +1 to your Armor

Shockproof: You are immune to electrical damage.

Thunderborn: +1 damage to any attacks you use that incorporate electricity.

Young Green Dragon – Unlike most other dragons, greens tend to gather in packs. Small compared to other dragon breeds, they’re still fearsome foes for anyone who crosses them. Few greens ever venture from their birth homes until full-grown adults; those that do are often driven by necessity, having lost their clutch-mates to tragedy or their habitat to disasters. Unlike the other breeds, these outcasts are willing to accept lesser creatures into their packs as equals, as long as they’re willing to work harmoniously with the young green. Those who stay with it until it grows up often find themselves with a truly ferocious ally, loyal to a fault in the defense of their old packmates.

Swift: +4 to your Speed pool

Green Menace: You are trained in disguise, stealth, and all forms of movement in any forested environment, as well as being trained in tracking.

Durable: +1 to your Armor

Venomproof: You are immune to all poisons and venoms.

Toxic: +1 damage to any attacks you use to incorporate poisons.

Young Black Dragon – There are those who would call black dragons lazy; dwelling in swamps and marshlands, often laying mostly submerged in the waters of their home, they certainly give an impression of indolent repose to anyone who only watches briefly. They miss the moments where the black dragons decide to move, the waters surging and churning when they strike at their prey. So, too, do they miss the slow machinations of these dragons on the rest of the world, laying plans that can take decades or centuries to come to fruition; even the blues rarely lay plots as deep and slow as a black dragon. Young black dragons often appear to defy the impression of laziness, moving into the world to set up the base of their power and eventual plots. Even stalwart allies of these dragons would do well to be wary; there’s no telling when their allegiance might simply be part of a long con to achieve some mysterious goal.

Hunter: +2 to your Might and Intellect pools.

Lurking Predator: You are trained in all stealth-related skills, as well as all positive social interactions.

Durable: +1 to your Armor

Corrosionproof: You are immune to any form of corrosive damage.

Sizzling Spit: +1 damage to any attacks you use that incorporate acid.

Young White Dragon – Many feel the white dragons to be the intellectual runts of dragonkind, their brains likely frozen by the frigid lands where they dwell. To some degree, this is true; white dragons are rarely as erudite or charming as many of their cousins. This hardly makes them idiots, however; they simply tend to be more direct and blunt than the others. Used to the hardships of living in places where survival may be told by the size of their next meal, they’re one of the only breeds equally at home working along or in tight-knit packs. This translates well for those who choose to court the allegiance of a white dragon, as they see no reason to dance around and try to weasel a better deal; if your offer is acceptable, they’ll join you, and if not they’ll either tell you so or try to eat you.

Bestial: +2 to your Might and Speed pools.

Arctic Terror: You are trained in all perception, stealth, and survival skills during the winter or while in permanently cold terrain.

Sturdy: +2 to your Armor

Winterproof: You are immune to any form of cold damage.

Frostbite: +1 damage to any attacks you use that incorporate cold.

Cypher System: Be A Dragon

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