Gatecrasher’s Almanac #8

Name: Tangle

Location: Unknown

Atmosphere: Inert (99% nitrogen)

Gravity: Variable (0.1G to 3.5G)

Body Type: Artificial Structure

Tangle is a structure of unknown origin, comprised of highly durable self-repairing materials. At present nothing is known of the external environment, although leakage from outside suggests a high-radiation environment. The Pandora Gate is located in a large central cylinder, much like a typical cylinder hab, although the rotation provides only one-tenth of a G on the inner wall of the cylinder. Large shafts extend out from this area, interrupted by a spiraling structure that connects the shafts out to a final torus where the centripetal force provides an equivalent to 3.5G.

The atmosphere of the entire structure is inert nitrogen, with a mostly uniform temperature at 30.5 degrees C. The spiral has several levels on each side, with numerous rooms and small complexes on each level; analysis to date suggests the Tangle saw use by a multitude of body types. Dating techniques indicate that the structure isn’t that old – younger than humanity as a species, although certainly older than human civilization.

If fully occupied by transhumans, the Tangle could house several million individuals and complete industries, although the inhabitants would need to either be synths or the atmospheric composition would need changed. Much of the architecture and infrastructure, while clearly designed by alien minds and hands, could be easily adapted to transhuman standards within a year.

Asyncs who enter the Tangle report a strange sensation, a feeling of waiting and passive tension, leaving them feeling as if they’re walking in a vast museum. Or, as a few have put it, like they’ve walked into someone’s home just after they moved out, with all the trace sensations that someoneĀ was here not too long ago. One suggested that the place feels mothballed, placed in storage until the owners come back.

The only things missing from the infrastructure are computer systems; other than what exploration teams bring with them, the place has no Mesh, no hard-wired network, and no sign of automation other than the climate control and whatever maintains the rotation and dampens the precession.

Naturally, while many are clamoring to move in and ease the crowding in the solar system, many are wondering where the original inhabitants went, what happened to them that they needed to leave, and if – or when – they’ll return. So far these wary individuals have kept colonization at bay with talks about needing to convert the systems and install a mesh first, as well as finish exploring and securing the entire spiral, but they won’t be able to keep eager people at bay indefinitely.

Firewall and Ozma both are strongly interested in the situation, although for different reasons; Firewall worried that squatters might draw a strong negative reaction if the original owners return, while Ozma is looking for an explanation of where they went and if they can find a way to follow them.

Gatecrasher’s Almanac #8

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