Into The Ninth

Originally, Friday’s game session was scheduled to be the penultimate one for my Pathfinder game, the last one before wrap-up/answers/reveals, but life got in the way and so we instead started a Numenera campaign that will be running alternate weeks from my Eclipse Phase campaign. Since my original plan was to write about the planned event sequence in Pathfinder and how it differed in actual play, I’ll turn instead to how the opening session of this game went.

Character creation took roughly an hour and a half, and that solely because the players are fairly new to the system and were looking up the details on their characters. We used the character generator here to create the characters, ending up with a Vengeful Jack who Focuses Mind Over Matter and a Mad Jack who Crafts Unique Objects. The players decided they wanted to play with Framework Four from this post, where they intend to be behind a rebellion against the rulers of the Steadfast. (This may change to a more isolated location in the next session, as this was kind of spur-of-the-moment.)

Thus far, the Vengeful Jack (Faust) has just lost half a decade of time after the man he sees as his nemesis locked him and his brother in an ancient ruin; his brother knocked him over the head and tossed him into a stasis capsule, then expired and became a pile of oddly plastic-like bones in the corner. The nemesis (Emilio) betrayed the two of them in a financial deal and then apparently married the woman Faust had been courting, getting elevated to membership in the royal house in the process.

The Mad Jack (Nerix) also has ties to Emilio; he arranged to sell her to a somewhat amoral and unethical group of numenera researchers known as the Convergence, who experimented on her for a few years before she escaped, resulting in her somewhat eccentric approach to rationality. She was exploring a completely different ruin quite some distance away when she activated a teleportation device by accident and ended up in the sealed room with the stasis chamber. Poking inside it caused a crackling sound, cloud of green-grey smoke, and dumped Faust back into the timestream.

From there, after Nerix salvaged a few cyphers from the wrecked tube, Faust carefully gathered up the bones, Nerix opened an ancient-looking box full of plastic blocks and found them to contain probably-edible materials, and they managed to open the door of the chamber. Faust was eager to escape and go looking for Emilio, the anger of five years ago fresh in his mind, and Nerix was happy to tag along to see if he’d give her a bone from the skeleton or lead her to exciting new things.

They found themselves surrounded by glob-like creatures with a single staring eye each, which were dubbed Gloops after the name they made when moving. Despite Faust initial hope to bypass them, the creatures proved to be either hungry or territorial, as they attacked the pair.

Fause slapped a node onto his weapon of choice, a large mace that could deploy a chain the let the spiked ball swing freely with extra range, after being splattered by the acidic spittle of one of the gloops. The node caused the spiked ball to spark with energy as he went in swinging, with Nerix liberally smearing one across a wall with her verred. The last one tried to hide inside a derelict automaton, ending its life by mace and verred.

They tried a few more doors, finding that whatever had built the place was definitely a lot larger than human standard; Nerix found a crate full of glowing blue orbs, which she promptly stuffed an armload of into her pack, and then between the two of them they unlocked a large rectangular box that revealed four staff-like devices; after fiddling with them, Nerix took one that shortened down to the length of a club, with a strange sense of momentum despite the lightness of it when swung. Faust took one that deployed a curious triple-pronged blade after being shortened.

They found the way out shortly after, with Faust working out how to open the exterior door by slotting one of the blue spheres into an open space on the doorframe, while Nerix opened crates of acrid-smelling goo and gelatinous blobs that looked suspiciously gloop-like. They emerged some distance away from Faust’s old hometown, climbing out of an opening on an ancient-looking buried structure.

Heading back toward said hometown (Charmonde, at the moment), they stopped at a small aldeia for the night, only to find Emilio broadcasting a message about the importance of proper tithing to support the crusade against the Gaians and their barbarian ways, and news that he and his wife would soon be heading north to convene a council of war with the Aeon Priests of the Order of Truth.

Faust, disheartened, went to sleep mostly drunk on thick black beer in hopes of waking five years earlier; Nerix wandered around the town, eventually coming across an enthusiastic warmonger who gave her the impression that the royal family would be coming for her food and that it was awesome to be serving the royalty like that.

And that’s where the session left off; in truth, the locals are getting disgruntled about the heavy taxes and conscription in preparation for war, and the entire country is slowly becoming a powder keg waiting for a spark.

Into The Ninth

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