Gatecrasher’s Almanac #7

Name: TGX-779 (Paradise)

Location: Still being mapped; somewhere in the ‘local’ region of the galaxy

Atmosphere: Earthlike (almost 28% oxygen)

Gravity: 1.27G

Body Type: Terrestrial

TGX-779, or Paradise as the first-in crew dubbed it, appears to indeed be a paradise at first glance. The Pandora Gate facility, rapidly constructed to ensure control over it by TerraGenesis when they officially laid claim, sits in the bottom of a shallow bowl of a valley full of grass analogues, dotted here and there with the bulbous forms of a native shrub. Placid herbivores that resemble a hybrid of a large beetle and a rhino amble between the shrubs in packs of 3-5, and dragonfly-like insects stalk them (and occasionally harass transhumans).

Despite the unusually high oxygen content of the atmosphere, wildfires are uncommon; the native plantlife has developed a flame retardant property that quickly damps out most flames. The same can’t be said of non-native materials, which burn quite enthusiastically in the environment. After some early setbacks, all morphs and equipment are outfitted with fire extinguishers and flame retardant construction.

Out past the bowl, the marvels of Paradise continue; boasting an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem with some exotic solutions to available niches, it promises to keep the researchers stationed here busy for quite a few years to come. One particular specimen that holds promise is an agile herbivore that lives in the forests near the gate complex; already exhibiting a level of intelligence on par with chimpanzees, they’re a prime candidate both for modification into an exotic morph and as a possible uplift candidate.

If word of these protosapients were to get out, the uproar from mercurial groups, among others, would be huge. As such, the existence of the species is psychosurgically edited out of the scientists who rotate off duty on the planet. It’s only a matter of time until someone connects to the facility from a different gate, or infiltrates to find out what the Super Secret TerraGenesis Facility is really up to – and it isn’t hard once there to figure out that they’re not just after the exotic diversity of the planet’s biosphere.

Another highlight of the world are the shallow oceans that cover roughly 80% of the surface, home to an evolutionary offshoot that shows parallels to the tribrachidium of early Earth. The most impressive of these are trilateral eel-like creatures, composed three long fins that drive them through the water with a corkscrew motion. Other things include an algae-analogue that produces a web of carbon fibers that bind them into a thin layer on the surface of the water. TerraGenesis genehackers are trying to modify it to be able to live on the ambient moisture and light of the average transhuman habitat, envisioning clothing or surface coatings that supplements the life support systems.

Lastly, a small segment of those who’ve come through are intensively mapping the planet, marking out ideal location for ‘vacation colonies’ for future rental to hyperelites and other unspeakably wealthy individuals. Two of these sites are already under development, with one slated to come online a few thousand miles away from the other hypercorp facilities on the planet, offering Carribean-like environments for anyone able to pay for it.

Gatecrasher’s Almanac #7

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