Gatecrasher’s Almanac #5

Name: Rubble

Location: Buried in the heart of a large asteroid, orbiting a blue giant near the heart of the galaxy

Atmosphere: Nil

Gravity: Negligible (<0.01G)

Body Type: Asteroid belt

Rubble, as the system is commonly referred to, is a swarm of asteroids that drift in a lazy ring around a blue giant deep inside the Milky Way. The Pandora Gate to this system is buried deep inside a fair-sized asteroid, nearly 300 miles in diameter; several snaking tunnels connect the chamber to the surface, but most of the transhuman presence in the system stays safely buried beneath the rock’s surface.

The system, by dint of both location and stellar body, is an ongoing radiation hazard for any morphs not specifically designed to tolerate it. The second team brought a fair amount of feedstock and a few construction fabbers, covering the outside of the rock with solar panels that feed power back down into the facilities present.

There doesn’t seem to be much reason to be here, at first glance, but the argonauts have established themselves here with several projects. The first and most loudly touted in r-rep circles is  the design of a series of high-power telescopes intended to be planted across the asteroids in Rubble, using the system’s 83-degree inclination to the galactic plane to peer into the galactic core with unprecedented clarity.

Additional projects include the close examination of the star’s current state, helping fill out transhumanity’s knowledge on the life cycle of stars other than Sol – and turning up signs of unusual structure across the surface of the star. They’ve kept this quiet while they work on identifying and verifying it, but it seems to hint at intelligent activity; the telescopes being designed have a special sungazing mode that will allow the arognauts to get a closer look at the patterns.

The other major project is another deep project, this time to carefully catalog the Rubble system to see if they can assemble an explanation for why there don’t seem to be any planets, just several asteroid belts that stretch out to nearly 10 AU from the central star. They’ve also turned up unusual data, with signs suggesting that the system used to be host to several planets which were somehow destroyed violently enough to overcome gravity.

Firewall, of course, is very interested in both of these semi-secretive projects.

Gatecrasher’s Almanac #5

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