Pathfinder: The Torch of Abeyance

At Paizocon in 2014 I played in a session of the Emerald Spire megadungeon as run by the game designer Owen Stephens. (If you’re wondering, he apparently tends to modify the dungeon to be a great deal more brutal and deadly for players.) During it, the character I was playing found a half-burned torch that he managed to get re-lit, later using it for several successful Intimidation checks against a spider swarm.

This led to joking around the table that my fighter had found an unexpected magic item, and it quickly became his weapon for most of the rest of that level of the dungeon. Now, after recalling that session, I present you with an item for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game: The Torch of Abeyance, which at first appears to be an old and half-burned torch, but which hides helpful magic powers.

Aura None (on discovery), Moderate Evocation (upon use)

Caster Level 10

Slot None

Cost 25000 GP

Weight 3 lbs

The torch of abeyance is most often encountered by accident, resembling nothing so much as a half-burnt torch still smoldering slightly where it lays. This is the sole clue to the torch’s unusual nature until either identified by a spell or ability or activated through use. When lit, it functions as an Everburning Torch that can be commanded to lit or extinguish from that point on.

The true nature of the torch remains dormant, and it is likely that the torch will be passed from one adventurer to another, until the lit torch comes within 60′ of either a swarm of vermin or monstrous vermin. At this point, the flame turns silver-blue and the torch functions as a +1 flaming vermin-bane club. In addition, the club enables the user to use Intimidate against all forms of vermin, including swarms, to keep them from approaching.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor; summon monster Iflame blade, flame strike, or fireball; creator must have 5 ranks of Intimidate

The Torch of Abeyance is typically found in the tombs of great heroes of the past who helped to tame the wilderness, leaning against their crypts or smoldering in torch sconces near their sarcophagi. Often centuries will go by, the role of the torch lost to time, before it gets rediscovered and put to use driving back the vermin that threaten the edges of civilization and serve as the vanguard of greater threats.

Rumors exist of greater versions of the torch, capable of creating warding circles against vermin and striking fear into the hearts of vermin-like aberrations that dwell in the darkness, but there are no confirmed reports of such items.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and best wishes to everyone else!

Pathfinder: The Torch of Abeyance

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