EP: BtF Setup, Part Three

This post details the rough information available to the UN Peacekeeper Task Force when the Before the Fall game commences.

The compound is owned by the Klayman family, a family line that got their start cheerily collecting ourageous fees for representing conservative group from the beginning of the 21st century; the founder of the family fortune got his start with die-hard conservative groups in that time, setting a tone of exploitation and extortion that has kept the family well-funded into the present time. Careful investments conducted through obfuscated means have given them a share in most megacorps, as well as a sizable interest in forward-thinking hypercorps already setting up habitats with intent to lease portions to the extremely wealthy. The family’s influence keeps pushing to do things cheaper, even if it means skimping a bit on safety measures.

Lawrence Klayman is the current patriarch of the family, inhabiting his second morph and enjoy the revitalized youth and energy it gives him. Although openly a bioconservative, he’s not the least bit against benefiting from the fruits of modern science as long as he’s able to avoid being called out on it. As such, he has a full complement of cutting edge technology built into his new body. He pretends to be his own grandson when out in public, keeping his original body around on ice to be controlled via puppet sock on occasions when the world needs to see him. His children are less than thrilled at his new lease on life, and he suspects all of them of being involved with a plot to kill him and take over the family business.

Marcus Klayman is the first son of Lawrence, and up until his father got copied into a younger, fitter morph he was expecting the old man to eventually retire and pass it along to him. Well into his eighties by this point, he indulges in various biotechnology to keep himself looking and feeling like a man in his 40s. Involved with several extermist groups in his youth, he appears to have mellowed out and cut his ties once he reached middle age and started studying to inherit his father’s position. He’s divorced, his wife having taken both of his children and moved to live on Luna, well out of the family’s influence.

Maria Klayman is Lawrence’s daughter, and the second in line after Marcus. Married to a megachurch pastor who goes by John Blessed, she refused to change her name and risk losing direct access to the inheritance when she got married. She rules her household with a steel fist, despite appearing to be demure and obliging to her husband in public to help ensure his grip over the ultraconservative congregation of his church – nearly a million people disenchanted with their place in the world and certain that John’s teachings are the way to glory. Several small terrorist groups in the area claim to be founded on the tenets of what John teaches, although both Maria and John publicly disavow all knowledge of the groups. Their two children, James and Mark, have been groomed to take over the megachurch when John decides to retire; both have spent time extensively learning how to be leaders – something that Lawrence is paranoid about, as either could easily lead a terror group in a raid on the family compound if Maria has decided she wants to take the legacy over.

Jeremiah Klayman is the third in line and appears to be a dilettante, but while he doesn’t seem interested in running any of the family business, he’s extensively invested in several cutting-edge hypercorps with his allowance, and stands to be fully independent of the family legacy if he so chooses. His children are the result of cloning experiments courtesy of his investments, resulting in two daughters and a son – Brenda, Kathy, and Walter – who have a wide variance in personality despite being gene-tweaked clones. All of them are heavily augmented and more than capable of defending themselves in a fight, but none seem to have any known connection to any groups that might be willing to attack the Klayman family. At this time, all three children are off-world attending lunar universities in pursuit of degrees in advanced genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Jeremiah still resides on the family compound, but has a personal spaceplane that can make LEO stationed at the nearby airport.

Last in line is Matilda Gruzman, who decided to take her hsuband’s name on the understanding that she was unlikely to ever need to consider trying to run the family. She and her husband Harold are childless by choice, but more than willing to pretend to be the parents of her father in his new body. Both are hedonists, experimenting with the latest in recreational chemistry and augmented reality whenever they don’t need to be in the public eye. They’re also the only family members to openly be outfitted with cortical stacks, making them the apparent black sheep of the family; that their ‘son’ gives the appearance of going to more pure and conservative route (despite the contrary being true) reassures the supporters of the family that the family is still properly under Lawrence’s control.

John Blessed is the very image of a total hypocrite, and everyone outside the control zone of his megachurch knows it. Augmented with numerous pieces of cutting-edge technology, he’s in an early-model Sylph morph with numerous tweaks to max out his ability to be charming, suave, and persuasive. Anyone not coming to a meeting with countermeasures will find it hard to dislike the man, and might find themselves considering his rather dubious rhetoric. His history has been carefully obfuscated with numerous plausible rumors and confusing paper trails, with alternate trails that suggest he may have been an assassin, a con artist who took world leaders for billions, a serial killer, the only child of climate refugees who simply made it good, and the only survivor of an airplane crash.

James Blessed is a pastor in the Blessed Church of Christ Ascendant, second in command to his father and direct heir in line to take the church over. Genetic modifications before birth assured that he was effectively born in a sylph morph, enabling his easy rise to dominance over the other children around him. This group, the Guardian Angels, serve today as his personal bodyguards whenever he needs to go out in public. No data suggests that he’s anything other than he seems.

Mark Blessed serves as a pastor in the Blessed Church of Christ Ascendant, but less frequently than his older brother. Although he also effectively lives in a Sylph morph, his personal aptitudes make him much less inclined to charisma and manipulation by force of personality, instead having an aptitude for figures and logistics that has seen him come to be in charge of the business side of the megachurch, and more recently picking up the Blessed-Klayman portion of the Klayman family fortune to manage for his parents. He has known investments in numerous hypercorps, including several private security firms and armament manufacturers; the equipment carried by the Guardian Angels has been acquired through his contacts with these groups.

Numerous other individuals reside on the family compound – security forces, attendants, more distant lineages of the family, and the like – but this covers the family members presently in the area at the time of the game start.

EP: BtF Setup, Part Three

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