EP: BtF Setup, Part Four

This is part of the ongoing pre-campaign prep for a short Eclipse Phase campaign intended to help new players learn the ropes of the system. In this part, we’ll look at the equipment issued to the players as members of the UN Peacekeepers.

Other than the infolife coordinator, every member of the team is in the relevant morph, with a standard loadout of mesh inserts, cortical stack, basic biomods, enhanced vision and hearing, and tacnet software, as well as their muse. Standard equipment issued to each of them includes light body armor with a full helmet, two sets of cuffbands, a set of smart clothes, a portable scanner, a utilitool, a guardian nanoswarm hive, two nanobandages or doses of repair spray, and a shock baton.

The neo-gorilla is additionally issued a suit of heavy combat armor, experimental medichines adapted for neo-hominids, a pair of diamond axes, a heavy pistol railgun with a clip of standard ammuniton and a clip of gel ammunition, and a microwave agonizer. In keeping with their role as the chief combat unit, they have an additional half-dozen nanobandages.

The socialite has several additional modifications, including an enhanced sense of smell, eidetic memory, multiple personality, clean metabolism, endocrine control, and enhanced pheromones. Additionally, their light combat armor has chameleon coating built into it, and their armament includes a light pistol with two clips of gel ammunition.

The infolife essentially has the Nova-class VTOL-capable gunship as a body if it comes down to it, but they’re also equipped with an array of software for various purposes, including encryption, facial/image recognition, firewall, sniffer, spoof, and tracking. Additionally, they have three bots with AI loadouts; a creepy intended for internal defensive situations that amounts to a crawling sniper rifle and a pair of hover drones that can act as independent eyes.

The recon specialist has chameleon skin and carapace skin both as biomods, rendering them somewhat reptilian in appearance when they deign to be easily visible. Additionally, they are outfitted with a pair of shock gloves and a diamond axe for close-quarters combat if needed, grip pads and a spindle for covert access to unusual locations, and a microwave agonizer for use where melee combat isn’t practical.

The combat AI has heavy armor integrated into their morph, along with a sniper rifle with two clips of armor-piercing rounds; intended to essentially counter any heavily-armored enemies the team encounters, they additionally have an integrated guardian swarm hive, and typically carry a spare recon hover drone similar to the ones attached to the gunship; in an emergency they can grant access to it to the infolife for an extra eye in the sky. As a bonus surprise, the synthmorph has an integrated plasma rifle concealed inside the body, plus lidar and radar to help ensure they can rangefind necessary targets.

The research scientist gets integrated light combat armor rather than a worn suit of armor, with a suit of smart clothing to wear over it. Their additional equipment includes the addition of a chemical sniffer and nanoscopic vision, along with fractal digits and an integrated agonizer mounted in their left arm. They also have t-ray specs, a nanodetector, a hand-held ‘mobile lab’, and a scout nanoswarm hive. They also carry a light pistol with a clip of gel rounds and a knife for defensive purposes, but are expected to head for the nearest combat-ready team member in any emergency situation.

EP: BtF Setup, Part Four

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