EP: BtF Setup, Part Five

A selection of half a dozen individuals who grew up with James Blessed and fell prey to his manipulative nature, the Guardian Angels are today a group of elite bodyguards dedicated to defending James from any threats. All six have been resleeved from their birth bodies and subject to psychosurgical modifications, which each of them will insist was purely voluntary on their part. The intelligence arm of the Peacekeepers is dubious of these claims, as the six never indicated any prior interest in resleeving and the modifications seem to mostly have been to increase devotion to James and the creed of his church.

Each of them is in a Fury morph designed with ethereally beautiful features, white hair, and silver eyes, typically dressed in armored smart clothing that typically augments the sensuality of their design. In spite of each individual’s expressed gender identity prior to resleeving, each seems content to be instantiated in a female morph. Combined with their choice of new names based upon Christian archangels, it seems clear that they were heavily modified while being transferred, but unless something concrete about it being involuntary comes to surface little can be done about the situation.

The second-in-command to James goes by the name of Gabriel; originally Rebecca Jones, she excelled at mathematics and geometry and was due to apply at Oxford on graduation from basic education. Before she could, she was resleeved and took up her new name, and has shown no interest in pursuing her former goals. She shows the most initiative of the Guardian Angels, befitting her role as the coordinator of the others. This has certain risks, as she has gone berserk on three occasions, mauling several parishioners who violated the established security perimeter by accident. In the wake of the last, Gabriel has been kept closer to James  than the other Guardian Angels. Observed augmentations include implanted claws, augmented vision and hearing, probable medichines, and a probable drug gland that James may be able to remotely activate.

Raphael, formerly Jacob Greensbough, appears to be one of the bruisers of the squad, as her skin appears to have a chitinous texture indicate bio-armor. Her former interests indicate that her participation may have actually been voluntary; she gave every indication of a long-term obsession with James and often defended him from opponents. Augmentations include the bio-armor, implanted shock glove capability, augmented vision and hearing, enhanced reflexes, and clear signs of medichines. Her typical position is alongside James, acting as his most direct bodyguard.

Uriel, formerly Phillip Hart, is the most independent of the Angels, often serving as chauffeur and scout for the group. While her independent role would seem like an ideal contact for potential inflitration, reports indicate heavy psychosurgical editing has left her with the minimal necessary amount of personal autonomy to perform her duties and little ability to operate without outside direction by one of the others; given her former strong identification as a man and her former frequent conflicts of personality with James, it seems likely that she may have been rendered ‘docile’ by editing. Observed augmentations include medichines, enhanced vision, and probable presence of medichines and a drug gland.

Raguel, formerly Maria Quinzoa, serves as the counterpoint to Raphael; she exhibits little overt personality, but long-term observation suggests enough of the original ego is intact to make her chafe under the control of James and Gabriel. Augmented with bio-armor and implanted shock glove functionality, she rarely strays from the side of Gabriel, but has been observed to occasionally linger when given an opportunity to work away from the others. If infiltration is attempted, she would seem the most likely candidate to be of help. Augmentations beyond those above include medichines and a full suite of enhanced senses, including tactile and olfactory.

Remiel, formerly Jeremiah Dresden, acts as the mesh security operator, coordinator, and SecOps specialist of the group. Originally the least social of the six, she has become somewhat more extroverted since resleeving, taking apparent pleasure in modifying her smart clothing to best emphasize her new form; while this may simply be an expression of latent narcissism, it may also be an attempt at putting would-be assailants off guard. Unlike the others, she has no implanted weapons, instead carrying a pair of vibroknives at her sides. Neurochem and enhanced reflexes are almost certain, along with medichines, enhanced hearing and vision, and a T-ray emitter.

Saraqael, formerly Darcy Mendoza, is usually the most glamorous-looking of the Guardian Angels, often standing arm-in-arm with James when appearing in public and serving as spokesperson for the entire group. The level of fanaticism she exudes in interviews and press releases far exceeds that of Darcy before transfer, but she seems to retain most of her personal autonomy and functionality. Her morph appears to be spliced with some aspects of a Sylph design, with enhanced pheromones, endocrine control, and a highly sanitized metabolism. She is likely outfitted with medichines and a shock system similar to Raphael and Raguel, but primarily relies on her ability to manipulate others to remain clear of trouble.

All six appear to be subject to programmed behaviors that can be set off by a word from James; three specific modes have been observed, including a berserk fury, a ‘choir mode’ where all six softly echo his every word to give it an added resonance and emphasis, and ‘ecstatic mode’ where they exhibit manic behavior and are given to fits of glossolalia. All six are well-trained in hand-to-hand combat and the use of personal firearms, and they have been observed acting as a fire team on two occasions, putting down different groups that had sent a threat to James. No survivors were left from either group after the action.

EP: BtF Setup, Part Five

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