Cypher’s Exile: Modified Foci

Some Foci will fit into Wraeclast just fine with just a little tweaking. Only a few need this tweak to be ready to play, so this will be a relatively simple conversion post. Most of these tweaks will simply be in favor of the flavor of the setting, but a few will be more deeply mechanical in nature. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Channels Divine Blessings

This focus is perfect for those who want to be the rare truly innocent soul cast into Wraeclast by the machinations of a corrupt Inquisition.

At Tier 1, the Focus is modified in that there is, for this world, only one god; all the blessings come from this unnamed divinity. Addtionally, neither the Death/Darkness nor the Trickery/Greed/Commerce Blessings are available.

Tier 3: This tier’s power specifically effects the undead (zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and the like) and all Vaal Abominations.

Tier 5: The improved portion of this power is always twisted by the cursed nature of Wraeclast, injecting some unwanted side effect into the result as if a GM Intrusion had been produced.

Tier 6: Vaal Abominations struck by this power act as if they were one level lower on the following round, as the divine power briefly stuns them.

Consorts With The Dead

Cursed Power: At any time that the character has a necromantic effect active, they’re surrounded by thin, swirling wisps of dark energy, and they leave bloody footprints wherever they walk.

Necromantic Abilities: In addition to the other effects of this ability, each power so modified is accompanied by the keening wail of cursed souls when activated.

Controls Beasts

Beast Companion: This is a rhoa (an armored, flightless bird that attacks by charging opponents and ramming them, then tearing into them with its beak), giant scorpion, giant spider, sand spitter (a vaguely crablike creature that scoops up rocks and sprays them from its proboscis as a ranged attack), monkey, or large spitting serpent.

Crafts Unique Objects

Replace each reference to ‘artifacts’ with ‘Virtue Gems’. This character has some knowledge of the dark process by which Virtue Gems are crafted, and at Tier 6 may even implant a Virtue Gem safely into a person, transforming them into a Gemling.

Hunts Nonhumans

For the sake of this setting, Vaal Abominations and Gemlings are valid choices as a dedicated foe.

Shepherds Spirits

On a GM Intrusion, the powers of this character draw the attention of the many, many unquiet ghosts that inhabit the land of Wraeclast, and may call spirit-eating cannibals to hunt the character.

Works Miracles

Another good choice for a somewhat pure character unfairly cast into Wraeclast, this one is even more proactive than one who Channels Divine Blessings.

Miraculous Power: All effects the character wields are tinged with a golden or silvery light, blatant evidence of the character’s miraculous abilities.

Tier 2: The character gains a Disciple, a level 2 creature who follows the character around and acts as a loyal servant due to the character’s miraculous powers.

Tier 4: Casting Out the Unclean – (4 Intellect) – The character radiates sacred energy out to a short distance, inflicting 2 damage to any undead or Vaal Abominations in range.

Tier 6: The character’s Disciple become a level 5 creature, ready to defend the miracle worker against most threats.

Cypher’s Exile: Modified Foci

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